Saturday, August 3, 2013

Oct 25-27, California

NEW EVENT! HSC Unschooling Symposium in southern California, October 25-27

"The number of attendees is limited to approximately 70 people - enough for lively discussion, but few enough to allow each person to fully participate to the extent they desire." Because this is limited, register soon!

Speakers' bios aren't all in yet, perhaps, but in addition to myself, there will be Pam Sorooshian, Joanna Murphy, Roya Dedeaux and Rose Sorooshian.

HOTEL: The reservation cutoff date is Friday, September 27, 2013. Any reservations made past the cutoff date cannot be guaranteed but will be accepted based on availability.

TRANSPORTATION:  If you're thinking of flying, it's best to go to Long Beach or Orange County, if you can.

Between Christmas and New Year's there will be another Always Learning LIVE Symposium in Albuquerque, similar to last year's, with more group participation and a trip to the top of the mountain for anyone interested.

Registration will open in in a few weeks.
2014 instead


  1. Hoping to go to the Dec conference!!!!

  2. I'll try to get the registration going in a week or so. Try. I'm having company and rearranging the house. Bad combination. :-)