Tuesday, May 6, 2014

December in New Mexico: Top of the Mountain

We are going up here:

 photo 13776482-806b-434c-a165-0ccd54df04f3.jpg

The symposium will be at the Ramada Albuquerque, same as the last two times. But we will have an outing at no extra cost for anyone who wants to ride the tram up the mountain and look back down!

Hema Bharadwaj, who was in Albuquerque a few years ago, will be one of our speakers in 2014. To see more about her first visit, here are some old notes and photos. Her name is pronounced like "HEYmah".

Her children are older now, and you can read a bit about them here. She will be coming to Albuquerque without her family this time.

(Hema is not always as colorful as in the photo—not to look at, anyway, but inside she is!!)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

A recommendation (a testimonial!)

Kirsty Harriman wrote this recently, on Always Learning:
We attended one of the Australian gatherings and can say without doubt that seeing and listening to Sandra in person (instead of on the computer from the other side of the world which can feel quite remote) and meeting other unschooling families and making some friends who we are now in contact with has been absolutely invaluable to getting close to what radical unschooling means, and we are pretty new to this way of life. We drove for two days to get there because we live on the edge of outback queensland which is far from, well, everywhere, and was totally worth the money and time away from work. We can now carry that experience with us now. Its so much better to have had that personal contact. Highly recommend getting along to an ALLive event!

Minnesota, Maine, New Mexico. Those are the only three planned.
I'm getting old. Don't wait too long.