Tuesday, January 31, 2012

World tour with a lot of Albuquerque

For years my speaking notes have been at SandraDodd.com/speaking, but because the page also has previous speaking engagements (the history of conferences at which I've spoken) it's becoming unwieldy.

It is also now common for me to keep a blog when I travel, and add photos as it goes. Blogs for events can be efficient, as well, as people can subscribe to blogs directly (rather than to all the chit-chat news of the site).

And so here this is. Each tab above has some information about a single conference or a group of visits, and I hope you will find something near to you, or will consider coming to Albuquerque some December!

The site for June 30, 2012 in Leiden is beautifully finished: http://sandradoddleiden.wordpress.com/leiden/ Rippy Dusseldorp did that.

Marta Pires has already created a site for a visit to Lisbon that's over a year away. Joyce and I will be there, and maybe Alex Polikowsky: http://sandradoddemlisboa.blogspot.com/