Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Update on European Vacation

The gathering in France went well despite pouring rain much of the time. I'm glad we had my little PA system. Otherwise we would have shouted our voices out the first day. Claire Darbaud translated tirelessly until near the end of day 3, when Bea Mantovani took up and did an hour and a half of questions and answers.

Leiden had beautiful weather and so the children could play outside on the school's equipment, or across the street at a parent-supported playground with beautiful equipment. Notes on the day are right here.

I spoke all day, even through lunchtime to a smaller group (someone brought me food from the potluck, which was wonderful). *NEXT YEAR IN LEIDEN* is already being planned, with Joyce Fetteroll and a group discussion. ALL Unschooling in Leiden! :-)

Here is a list of my where-and-what, in Europe this summer, with links to blog posts and photos for anyone interested in knowing more. http://sandraeurope2012.blogspot.co.uk/p/speaking.html (and it will be updated again, as things go along).

Last chance to hear me this summer in Europe, on July 15 at the LiTTLe Conference (and then, back in the U.S., at the HSC Conference in early June).

And... Learn Nothing Day approaches. Celebrate being unschoolers who learn every day!