Thursday, September 25, 2014

Albuquerque ALLive 2014 site

Hema Bharadwaj (India/New Jersey)

Julie, James and Adam Daniel of Ashford, in Surrey (UK)

Jill Parmer and Luke Davidson of Fort Collins, Colorado

Sandra Dodd (Albuquerque)

Go here for links to information about the speakers: Speakers

Registration is open; hotel reservations may be made.

Maine / New Hampshire


In a week, I've spoken with Laurie Wolfrum at the Camden library, at the Common Ground fair, and went with Keith through Vermont (where we heard Susan Gaissert read award-winning writing, and we went to the Shelbourne Museum), and spoke to a group in New Hampshire, and drove back up to Camden.

For anyone who reads this before the weekend, one-day rates are $30 and $50 (for Friday and Saturday repsectively).