Tuesday, March 1, 2016

HSC Conference, San Francisco, 2016

"I’ve been lucky enough to attend a homeschooling conference at which Sandra often speaks, for 15 years now. I’ve been at this homeschooling thing long enough that I don’t feel I need much advice on it, but I always like to listen in on Sandra’s talks anyway, because she’s encouraging and entertaining–and despite how long I’ve been doing this, I always learn *something*! Just saw her earlier this month, and loved hearing her thoughts on being the parent of young adults…"

That review was posted in 2012, as a comment on a blogpost in India. (Here's a link.) The blog post was one of two interviews with me.

I love finding things like that unexpectedly!
I spoke in 2014, too. (Holly helped me.)

This year I get to be there again.

I've spoken for conferences HSC has sponsored in Anaheim, Sacramento, Santa Clara, Orange County (a symposium). This one will be in San Francisco. The first year I was invited to speak was 1996, and so this will be the twentieth anniversary of the first time I spoke in California.

In 2016 I will have two sessions, and be on a panel.

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