Monday, June 23, 2014

My topics, HSC 2014, Santa Clara, California

Where were you before (intellectually, emotionally, philosophically)? Where are you now? Where might you be next year, or in five years?
Cognition and retrieval systems—the mysteries of our minds, and the benefits of the unfolding future, explored a bit.

Personal knowledge is a web inside us of images, ideas, feelings, memories, fantasies and experience. Learning happens when we take in something new and connect it to what we already knew. There are ways to enable that in yourself and to facilitate it in your children.

There is a web outside us, too, of people, ideas and information.
Seven Years of Learning Nothing (workshop)
Attendees who have participated in "Learn Nothing Day" can share with those who have never heard of it, and Sandra will explain the history of the event.

I will be on a panel of unschoolers, too.

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