Saturday, May 5, 2012

Massachusetts and Washington, VERY SOON!

I'm leaving in a week and a half for two weeks away from home, followed by two days AT home before I fly to the UK, and from there to France, back to the UK, drive to Scotland with the Daniels, back to the UK, fly to Amsterdam for the week in Leiden, and back to the UK for a while.

Home then for a couple of weeks before I go to HSC in Sacramento!!

Then home for nearly two months before the Florida Un in the Sun, to which Holly and Keith are also going!

It sounds exhausting and a little crazy, but I'm also excited about it all. :-)

If you ever need more information than I remember to leave here, please let me know by e-mail or facebook or leaving a note in blog comments. I get e-mail notifications of those last two, and e-mail is where I mostly live when I'm travelling.

The Minnesota tab at the to of the blog has a link now to subscribe to news. Alex Polikowsky is organizing, and we're looking at April 2013. Jill Parmer will travel with me and speak, too.

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